I got smart & transplanted native plants…wildflowers


after nearly killing all the plants I bought when I bought this land….I decided I would
transplant wildflowers…I have a dear friend that is a master gardener and she said
“Mick you have native Hostas…from the hostas family but it flowers…”
my friend since jr. high Jeanna….after 25+ years she visited my dry land….and she said….
“Mick I love the transplant idea.”
So here they are! Jeanna Caroline!!!

but there are bunnies…I can smell them

buttherearebunnies copy

Angel loves bunnies. They live in the field and eat that clover right at the edge. I watch for them and make noise so they will run before Angel sees them. She loves to chase them. She stops of course because I trained her to but it’s so funny to watch her sniff the air to smell for them! I wonder what bunnies smell like?

P.S. Bling I thought you might enjoy this one!