You don’t make mistakes

My mentor used to say don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Over the years I have learned that You don’t make mistakes They make you Stronger, Wiser more Brave I say . . .  make more mistakes If you have a problem with that come see me. 😌

God hugs you

God hugs you, God hugs you, you are encircled by the arms that defy understanding.– Hildegard of Bingen

Before the rain…

Before the rain…

There is this brotherhood of men with his kin

Brotherhood of men as told by my brother!

Sometimes she wonders if this moment is…

Sometimes she wonders if this moment is the moment she has been waiting for and that rather then wait till she is old, she wonders should she embrace it now!


I plan to… Live my life~while I’m alive I’m going to Live! Laugh~till you fall down! Love~no matter what! MichelleMarie This sign was at my mom’s house, I wanted to remember this moment! P. S. I added my words inside the heart to leave a ❤ impression! 

God said….if you never felt pain

My life isn’t perfect but I’m thankful

Every day is a new beginning