Guess what?

~🧡 My iPhone now has orange hearts 🧡 ~just yesterday I wished for them and this morning they are in my emojis. Yay my favorite color is 🧡~ I am a little excited to see them 🧡 Can you tell? 🧡


How my day started

This is Jerry my daughter’s jeep. Jerry has been with us for almost 11 years and he still keeps going. My daughter named him Jerry because he is the first car and only car and to her he’s more like a friend then a jeep. Jerry got overheated and his radioactive hose broke. Needless to say Alex was not calm. So thankful for my insurance guy and the sweet tow-truck-man. He took the keys and said, “Ma’am I’ll take it from here, you go on to work.” 

Life should be more like this, people that show up in kindness and make stressful situations a pleasure. 🤗

Have a blessed day! 🙏🏼