Fields of Gold…My fields of gold


They really look like fields of gold. They do. 

P.S. Inspired by Eva Cassidy the songbird I love and Michael Bolton just happened to sing with her! Why is it the wonderful artist pass before we have time to know them?

I used to be invisible…I want you to know this about me


I used to be invisible or at least I felt like I was. Now that I have blogged on WP for 4 years, I have come to think that it’s ok to be less visible or a lighter shade of pale. I didn’t start blogging for accolades or comments but to simply share! I thank you for the opportunity to read your thoughts and see into the window of your life!

Have a blessed day!

When clouds look like blankets


When clouds look like blankets I feel like heading back home to rest! ❤

We all see things differently I chose to see them in a gentle soothing way! 🙂 Random wonder!


Just a little bit of Pink


Just a little bit of purple



Time flies 

Time flies…I cleaned my frig off and left these two photos of Alex. The little one she was one it was her birthday that day. I remember it like it was yesterday. The sun glasses one my friend Debbie took for me. Now she’s 23 time went so quickly. People always say that but I wanted to stop and feel it with all my heart. What a beautiful life I have. So thankful for my girl! 💕