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Sometimes when it rains and fall-ish weather falls

Sometimes when it rains and Fall-ish weather falls I see a glimpse of Winter I welcome it all and Sometimes when it rains I fall art by MichelleMarie

Some may say I’m nuts…

Some may say I’m nuts about nuts but. . . I’m Gathering my winter stash art by MichelleMarie

Happy for the orange

I was so happy to see the bright oranges. So beautiful đź’›

Different shades of autumn

Today I was able to enjoy the different shades of autumn today

Dreaming of fall

Fall reminds me of you. The season you left. Smells like campfires, warm blankets and laughter. When I’m still I can hear your laughter. Fall reminds me of you.

Do you think trees cry leaf tears…hence Fall?

Do you think trees cry leaf tears~hence, Fall? I’ve always wondered that in the Fall When it rains & there’s a chill in the air Do you think trees cry tears and if so do you think it’s cleansing? I… Read More

Autumn Dreams Wrap me up in your arms of love

Wrap me up in your arms of  love When I feel a chill I want to know you are there Steal me away to the mountain Where the streams have started flowing and it seems to me all that… Read More

I look at Fall that way

I look at Fall that way! đź’›

A little bit of fall

A little bit of fall just in case you are wondering if I’m still here…I am just more contemplative about higher things! A little bit of fall

Golden tresses 

Golden tresses caress my eyes and I wonder…How could it be fall  It was only April yesterday!  I missed the season of summer love  Golden tresses caress my eyes  As I wave goodbye đź’› So long and long… Read More

As the Weeping Willow Wept

As the Weeping Willow Wept I realized it was like you Beauty falling away Turning to Golden wine Birthed through the tears Of the broken one She weeps  I love you more đź’› My Alexanderia 

Enjoy the little things

I do I always enjoy the little things like sunrises, leaves falling, nature. This quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson has always stuck with me. Happy Tuesday!