BB & healing 

Dr Fealey’s findings; he said the optic nerve is still viable and conducting and receiving impulses. Yay Yesterday’s MRI will be helpful with the gamma/steroid IV infusion are used to hopefully restore her sight. He said she isn’t seeing now. But feels hopeful that maybe in 1 to 2 years her sight will come back, he cannot say how much will recover but he’s hopeful. To this mom it makes me happy. As for her mobility weakness he thinks it will come back with time. 

This is the scooter I rented Alex. 😄

Wheelchairs & Starbucks

This morning I walked Alex’s wheelchair off at the Mayo. On my way I realized the Starbucks is open on Sunday. Most everything shuts down on the weekend including the Mayo. I’m thankful for coffee [Starbucks] and wheelchairs, both helped me make it through. 

Starbucks said everything will be okay 

Well we made it. I couldn’t sleep so I’ve been exploring downtown Minnesota. The coolest part is we are staying at the Doubletree and there is a skyway to the Mayo Clinic. 

It’s raining and I’m happy for that. I like the cooler rainy weather! 

I wasn’t going to post but I decided that I needed to share. I had forgotten how much I rely on my WP friends for mind-heart support. Like one big therapy group I mean that in a good way. 

BB is still sound asleep. I’m thankful. Yesterday’s trip wore her out. I plan to walk across that skywalk and find out what the Mayo can do for us @6:45am tomorrow, that’s when she checks in. Wish me luck. Rough day yesterday BB. 😇