Where do butterflies go? ~🦋~

Tiny little butterflies Where do they go?  They flit and flutter Around me then… Off they go They bring with them  Sweetness, wonderment  And delight  Watching them flutter till They are out of sight Where do butterflies go?  ~🦋~

Butterfly kisses…misses ~🦋~

Butterfly kisses…misses ~🦋~Butterfly kisses…misses

She waits…

She waits…for clues and keys to unlock the door she waits behind

Ashes to Beauty

I see beauty as she proclaimed only ashes remained Wishing for Winter’s freeze Praying through summer’s long stay I wish she could see the Beauty of her ashes Lay so beautifully at her feet Ashes to Beauty

A different kind of sunset 

A different kind of sunset caught my eye. 

Something beautiful 

Something beautiful~Something wonderful caught my eye 

Believe in miracles…I do

~I do believe in miracles~  

Good morning sun

I noticed this morning the sun has moved in position, on my horizon. Autumn my favorite season, is saying hello this morning. The air is crisp and cool. So thankful 🙏🏼

Maybe… We don’t say anything 

Maybe… We don’t say anything and wait right here… and we love 💕