Wake Up & Be Awesome

photo & art by MichelleMarie

Wake up & Be Awesome funny how that seemed like how I felt today. Just happy to not be in pain and also to see the sunrise again! I love a beautiful sunrise!

Merry Christmas in July

Good morning! I decided I needed a little Christmas spirit this morning. I smile each morning when I choose a cup for my Mocha Latte. Perfect way to start my day.


Have a wonderful day my friends!


She focused her eyes on the sunrises

shefocused onthe sunrises

She focused her eyes on the sunrises
Even though every day was not sunny
Nevertheless, it was still there 
even when she couldn’t see it

You take my breath away

Some think I don’t notice things but I do. I notice the slightness of being slighted. While you will never hear a word come from me I saw this Oklahoma sunset and my breath was taken away as always! I remain myself! 

Eva Cassidy