Jan. 4 Sunset for those who haven’t seen the sun

Jan. 4 Sunset for those who haven’t seen the sun in weeks, like Bling.  In the distant you can see downtown Tulsa. I love Tulsa, I always have that’s why I moved here in 1987. It is far enough away from home hometown of Fort Smith, AR, but not too far.

BB and the Fair

BB [Alex] has been been going to the fair since she was 2. She wasn’t going to miss it because she is on crutches, she cracked her tibia. We walked, slowly and didn’t make it all the way around but she was so happy! Nothing makes me happier to see her happy! She said to me mom I love the fair it makes me so happy it reminds me that life is happy and how much happiness I have in my life! She even held my hand and let me hold her… Read More

We love wrestling~don’t ask me why~we just do

BB and I like to watch wrestling~go figure! iPhone photo not the best but BB had some trouble hobbling around in her brace so I didn’t bring my cameras, you get the idea though!

Can’t get over you

I laugh every time I look at these. What an awesome lunch I had today! I think if I had not moved he would have climbed in my lap! 😄😄😄

My lunch date was a Squirrel

I went to the Rose Garden to eat my lunch and look who joined me! Here I am smelling Roses and they were smelling my lunch!