I Rest My Case

MichelleMarie (1 of 1)-24

Today I Rest My Case~It is not easy for me to Rest anything, especially my case…

MichelleMarie (1 of 1)-25

I think fighting to have my way or prove I’m right or overlay the world with my agenda
sometimes causes more pain then simply letting go. 

I Rest My Case to even hold my case. I saw these beautiful leaves and how they let go
to fall at my feet in this beautiful display and I thought, why can’t I let go easily like
these beautiful leaves and then I Rest My Case and Lay it down. It’s okay! 

No matter what comes!

MichelleMarie (1 of 1)-26

most of all when Autumn leaves start to fall!


You left in Spring but I miss you
most of all when Autumn leaves start to fall!

Autumn winds blow strong and I think of you
most of all when Autumn leaves start of fall!

The chilly rains comes and I think of you every day but
most of all when Autumn leaves start to fall!

A cup of warm coffee to warm my soul and I think of you always
but most of all when Autumn leaves start to fall!

Missing BB Boo


What a difference one year can make! I sure miss baby girl [BB]  a lot! I try not to let my clingy side show but I’m feeling a little velcro today and I’m trying not to look needy! It’s amazing how much you can miss someone when they move on and their space in your daily life changes. My house is full of all her art, photos and always the empty spot she leaves in my heart. This is when I trust that I did well as a mom. I love you baby girl. I miss you!




Happy Birthday Melanie


Melanie I raced home to make this card for you when I saw it was your birthday!
I commented with this on Bling’s blog but I wanted to share about how much
I love birthdays. I think it’s important to enjoy your day~your way!

So I hope you did! So let’s dance!

Since we can’t be there to sing to you…..The Minions have a birthday song

Wait there’s more…..

These are the Yay~Yay~Yay friends they are jumping for your birthday.
I did dance, and I started to jump but I’m tired so let’s pretend I am!


This is me and I’m okay with this!

This is more like me! Ya Banana Birthday Dance!

Okay I can sit down now! I’m toasting you my friend!