I look at Fall that way

I look at Fall that way! 💛

A little bit of fall

A little bit of fall just in case you are wondering if I’m still here…I am just more contemplative about higher things! A little bit of fall

I think maybe this is…why we call it fall

I think maybe this is…why we call it fall! I’m really not certain why we do, I’m just happy it’s almost here. I can feel it. This photo I took last year when I was not injured…so maybe this year I’ll get a chance to collect new ones! I’m hoping so! ❤

Autumn Dreams…or so it seems

Autumn Dreams or so it seems Sunrise and Sunset rise and fall Earlier as Summer waves goodbye

I imagine fall

I imagine fall my head gets stuck in the trees. I imagine purple, red and all the fall hues. I imagine tree are like me, colorful! 💜  

My thank offering to Fall

  My thank offering to Fall my eyes thank you! 

Blowing down the street

  Clicking Clicking down the street Tiny cartwheels and whirling free Leaves 🍁🍂   

I Rest My Case

Today I Rest My Case~It is not easy for me to Rest anything, especially my case… I think fighting to have my way or prove I’m right or overlay the world with my agenda sometimes causes more pain then simply letting go.  I Rest My Case to even hold my case. I saw these beautiful leaves and how they let go to fall at my feet in this beautiful display and I thought, why can’t I let go easily like these beautiful leaves and then I Rest My Case and Lay it down. It’s… Read More

My Orange View~today I am Orange

My Orange View I see things in hues I always have in vivid color color moves me it is an expression of me today I am Orange