Happy Monday

Good morning beautiful day, it’s 33° F. I’m enjoying an extra large Mocha Latte’.

It’s going to be a beautiful day I just know it. 🧡

I found my church

I found my church
In the arms of pain
Though, I let the pain back in
I am still breathing
The sting, brings on the healing
Sometime I have to hurt enough
I am not lost
I am just healing
I found my church
In the arms of the healing

Somehow we just got over the pain

Somehow we just got over the pain
there was never a “just” moment
we felt ever minute, second of this time
when we forgave and let go
However, my dogged tenacious
caused us to feel the full undertow
I just never thought it met a glorious victory
Still we  wallow in the undertow, I’ve lost many here
Never let go of me…I will never let go
I don’t know why I feel like I feel
I always let go to feel you never let go of me

The Winter of my heart in November 1, 1995

I remember November 1, 1995
The day my life took a turn
With you & together we grew
Through the trails and all the pain
Much love grows here in
The Winter of my heart ღ