They’re back…my wildflowers

I was sitting on the back porch and I noticed little tiny red dots in the field…when I got closer I was pleasantly surprised by my wildflowers. I’ve missed them so much. Indian paintbrushes. Happy Sunday ❤️

3 things I love about…

So many things I love about this land. 1st-My dandelions are going to leave me tomorrow as the yard guy is coming. So I wanted to sit with them awhile. 2nd-My wildflower field, so many wildflowers you cannot imagine but you can be sure I will share them. 3rd-The moon rise and my wonderful beautiful horizon, this land holds so much healing for me and reminds me every season that we keep sowing and reaping. I pray my crop is full of love. So much love that you feel it just being near me. 🙏🏼🦋💜as I was type this note I saw a yellow butterfly 🦋 Did you know it’s said in the Native American folklore that when you see a yellow butterfly, someone that has passed in body, is close to you? Hi Papa🦋💛

Look what met me

Look what met me at the front door. My clematis bloomed while I was was away. I had to stop and get my camera but wouldn’t you know all my batteries were dead. So my iPhone capture this for me. I love it when she does that. 🦋💜

There’s an angel…

There’s an angel in my prayer garden…she listens to my prayers and holds a reverent space for an outpouring of my heart…Amen💜🦋

Happy Friday

Happy Friday. My back yard looks magical with the sunrise. TGIF

B\W makes my back yard weeds look magical. I love the way they look in the sun. ✨💫

Over and over again

They play over and over again
Inside my head a sense of peace
A calming melodic tune
Songs come to me
Art comes and pieces fall
Together on this canvas
Transparent at first
Then it comes into view
And the songs
They play over and over again…

This is what was in my mind after I finished a huge project today. I still had more art to get out. I think I’m done for the day maybe!~;)