Happy Thursday

Hope your week is going well. I was thinking about you and wanted to say Happy Thursday and have a lovely day 🧡

Guess what?

~🧡 My iPhone now has orange hearts 🧡 ~just yesterday I wished for them and this morning they are in my emojis. Yay my favorite color is 🧡~ I am a little excited to see them 🧡 Can you tell? 🧡

Just before dawn

Just outside my back door dawn is glowing with her sweet gentle hello.

Happy for the orange

I was so happy to see the bright oranges. So beautiful 💛

Different shades of autumn

Today I was able to enjoy the different shades of autumn today

Happy Thursday

Happy Thursday beautiful dawn this morning out my back door. It’s frosty today. Have a wonderful day.

Full moon last night 

I saw this so I decided to shoot the moon. 

I think he’s Romantic…

I think he’s Romantic He say it’s me that makes me smile 🙂