Baby I want to join the invisible choir…

    Baby I want to join the invisible choir the one the sees you shining Through the dark of YOUR night And my memory keeps you dancing when your feet are so tired I want to live after I die So a little it of beauty shines down from above And all those lessons I’m so fond of are centered and grounded in your heart So you know REAL REAL LOVE Baby I want to join that invisible choir I’m singing a song for YOU MichelleMarie~MOM~ME

Not knowing where I’m going…

Not knowing where I’m going It gets me because I’m not afraid of fire It’s the not knowing Where I’m going That gives me… pause MichelleMarie

Today’s visitor another sweet butterfly

Today’s visitor was black with yellowish orange with blue dots. I was going to leave without a photo but she kept staying. 🦋 If you know me well you know how excited I get when they show up I can barely hold still. I ran to get my camera and she stayed for me before she headed off to see my Florida friends 😂🦋 Hi thanks to my other butterfly friend, I’m in butterfly 🦋 heaven. 😘

Beautiful visitor

Look what showed up at my door.

a❀l❀e❀x Freehand

All these colors remind me of my girl she loves them bright like me! ❀

Baby You’re A Star

Baby You’re A Star I worked on and off all day on this one. I draw all this myself in Adobe Illustrator. 😀

Whatcha doing?

Alex: Whatcha doing? Me: Making a pie Alex: What? You don’t make things? Haha. You don’t make desserts ever did you find it on Pinterest? Can I eat it?  Me: No I made it in Illustrator Alex: I thought you meant a real pie. 😀    

Adobe Illustrations my way

I’ve been brushing up on my drawing skills using Adobe Illustrator taking a few online classes. I had to dress up my building because as you know I like to color outside the lines and be my own kind of creative. I think I’ll give myself an A++. ღ Below is a screen shot of what they asked for but I thought it needed some ❀ pizzaz ❀  

Baby don’t you realize…

Baby don’t you realize I can change the color of the sky? I don’t even have to try… I don’t know why I’m just magic that way. MM