Lovely surprise in my garden today

I pruned my rose bushes heavily this year so I was so surprised and happy to see this today.

Yellow side of life

As you grow in the yellow SIDE of Life I brace myself for Destiny Yours and mine are intertwined Raising us to higher ground M  

Sweet You

Sweet You Flitting and fluttering Visiting Each Flower in my yard Taking what you want Not wanting to stay Hopping from little flowers To big ones…I watched Sweet You You seem a little unstable In your fluttering There you go over the fence Just like Sweet You Always looking in the other yard My heart hops with you every time Except this one I’m Waiting to see if you get it There’s no magic in that yard It’s inside Sweet You

Watercolor Blue Sky

Watercolor Blue Sky You have the power To blow me away and You did and You do I shall never be the same MichelleMarie

Dust in my media attic

When I first started blogging in 2013, I loved to create landscapes from pieces of photos. It’s how I learned to do a lot of the art I create professionally. These pieces are gathering dust in my media attic so I thought I would share them because they aren’t connected to any post. I hope you enjoy them.  My art has evolved over the years. Maybe you can tell.    

All are Welcome in my garden

Inspiration Spirit Tranquility all are Welcome in my garden~Michelle

Funny Angel

We fenced in my gigantic yard so Angel could wander and not get lost so today I wanted to take her for a walk and she went inside the fence. 😂 She found the gate and was tired after that. So we ended up on the front porch listening to birds and watching people walk their dogs. I don’t think she misses our long walks just as long as we walk somewhere. So we do. 😊 Yesterday I was so worried about her, so she slept and rallied for another day. I… Read More

Tiniest bouquet

The tiniest little wildflower is important in every single way some never give them another thought-Michelle

They’re back…my wildflowers and climatis

I love these Indian paintbrush Oklahoma wildflowers. ღ So happy to see them. ღ