ADVENTURE I remember this

ADVENTURE I remember this… do you? 

Exceptional adventures await the dreamers

Exceptional adventures await the dreamers


IN ALL THE  CHAOS WE FOUND wholeness and that is a very good thing! ~ღ~

LOVE’s elegant dance

But what if no one shows up? Well…will that change your love? No, the love is always there nothing changes that Yes… People may change circumstances may change but the love never changes Oh!

But can’t you see… I dream of…

But can’t you see… I dream of red butterflies on crimson roses It’s hard for me to see anything other than lightness, loveliness and the softer side of things I float that way I dream of things like Red butterflies on crimson roses and maybe if I can’t see it I create it I let it out

All things good To You

When my heart spills out To overflowing I cannot contain the goodness The love that flows is… Like trying to hold butterflies Or laughter that bursts Spilling out I wish All things good To You

She is. . .

She is. . . Yellow clouds maybe pink Dandelions dancing she feels  like butterfly kisses when she sings She is. . . Me MichelleMarie

I am thinking of all the reasons I love you

I am thinking of all the reason I love you… Mostly I am thinking of Your smile Knowing I make you smile makes me smile 🙂  MichelleMarie

All the color of Love

All the colors All the seasons Love needs no reason To show up  Fill your heart with color All the colors of  Love