Just know…. I

Just know. . . I S T A N D B Y Y O U Just know. . . I

You make the sun, shine in my life

You make the sun, shine in my life Where would I be without you Who would I be – – – – – You help me see The Sun, Shine in my life MichelleMarie

Admit One to Dreamland

Admit one to dreamland Where I’m sorry and please forgive me [s] Let it be enough to dry tears which Usher in Peace & Love  

I see patterns in colors and pieces

I see patterns in colors and pieces I like to put them together… I’ve always loved to do this it… it brings me great joy MichelleMarie

Something about butterflies

Is it just me or do butterflies look like flowers? This has always caught my attention…

Dear Winter,

Dear Winter, Spring is here and I must go. The plans you made for me held me down and I felt sad. I tired to reach you…I need to be heard… so I must go fly…for Spring is here. I must fly… Love, Michelle

Happy Spring

Happy Spring…no matter what it brings I rejoice in the newness of life and flowers ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ღ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ღ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It may be a stormy

It may be a stormy forecast…as for me I only see the beauty of it all. No matter what I choose to focus on the light.

Have a gentle day

Have a gentle and easy day!