You make the sun, shine in my life

You make the sun, shine in my life
Where would I be without you
Who would I be – – – – – You help me see
The Sun, Shine in my life

Admit One to Dreamland

Admit one to dreamland
Where I’m sorry
and please forgive me [s]
Let it be enough to
dry tears which
Usher in Peace & Love


I see patterns in colors and pieces

I see
patterns in
colors and pieces
I like to put them
I’ve always loved to
do this it… it brings
me great joy MichelleMarie

Dear Winter,

Dear Winter,
Spring is here and I must go. The plans
you made for me held me down and I felt sad.
I tired to reach you…I need to be
heard… so I must go fly…for Spring
is here. I must fly…

Happy Spring

Happy Spring…no matter what it brings
I rejoice in the newness of life and flowers


It may be a stormy

It may be a stormy forecast…as for me I only see the beauty of it all. No matter what I choose to focus on the light.