You can’t pour…

I found this @Wynonna! It’s true so I am going for an extra refill ☕️ 

Red dawn

Red dawn surprise! 

Early signs of Spring 

Early signs of Spring 

They say 21 days…

They say 21 days is all it takes to break Sometimes it’s 21+21+21+21…,etc. 

Raising babies…

RAISING BABIES leaves me feeling QUACK QUACKERS 😉 wink wink Me: HERB how we gonna raise all these babies HERB:  Woman that’s your job! QUACK 😉

You are still the Queen of Hearts…

You are still the  Queen of Hearts Sometimes you have to adjust your crown & move on

Baby there is no trying to unlove…

Baby there is no trying to unlove, untie, this mess you got your heart into I know with all my heart and soul Once you love someone there is no way to  unlove them… You can drive fast enough to leave it all behind When you stop that aching love aches still Love hurts sometimes that how we know it’s love If it was possible to unlove, I would show you how Baby there is no trying to unlove, untie, this mess you got your heart into

Baby…I’ll leave the light on…for You

Inside her heart she sang… Baby I’ll leave the light on I’ll leave the light on I’ll leave the light on Should you lose your way home I’ll leave the light on for You

Wishing you a gentle Thursday 

Wishing you a gentle Thursday