No words just peace

No words just peace

Golden grace

I had to stop and capture this golden grace. As I sat here I realized you are often the reason I stop what I am doing and be silent…just to take on the moment and smile. These moments always remind me of you. 💙

Coupon good for…

☺ Kinda cheesy, ha….I love cheese! ☺  

Yay, It’s A Snow Day!

Really stunning snow photo! I love the magical feeling! ❤

Open The Door And Smell The Snow!

I have snow envy now! What a beautiful view my friend has here! ❤

Love lives here

please Tell the breath of my hope to Tell my soul that… Love lives here

A letter to me…Miracles Happen

I was thinking of how we can write messages to ourselves for later when we need them and also for when heart friends show up and need something extra. I’m not sure but I felt to make this today! I was listening to this song. A friends first shared it with me and it’s so so true. It’s faith building for me like a battle cry of my heart. I think we all need a little something extra at this time….at least my heart feels it so deeply to reach out to you!… Read More

Thank you

Your gift arrived and I love it. Thank you for helping make my Christmas full of love! ❤

Dreaming of Love

Dreaming of Love…ღ…I always am…ღ…Dreaming of Love…ღ