For the love of Nature-Wisconsin-Gunnar Timothy

Autumn in Wisconsin-Gunnar Timothy

Photo by Gunnar Timothy

Quiet waters-Gunnar Timothy

Photo by Gunnar Timothy My Uncle Gunn sends me so many beautiful photos taken in Wisconsin!

gone @dawn~Happy Tuesday

B4 dawn Alex & I are on the road. I see the sunrise on the run~today’s was bright Orange. I wished I was standing out in my backyard capturing it but I am a different season….. I’m think the sunrises I don’t physically capture with my camera~leave a mental picture that burns away all doubt, all anxious thoughts and I am @peace as Alex chatters on!😄 Happy Tuesday


Every person we are in close relationship with makes deposits into our lives and we make deposits into their’s. Our parents deposited into our lives, friends deposit into our lives, loved one makes lasting deposits. I ask you, “Are those good deposits, bad deposits or are they just meaningless deposits?” I don’t want to waste my time with meaningless deposits. What kind of deposits are you making?   Parents know this, they don’t want other children making bad deposits into their child’s life. We are known by the company we keep.  Regardless of… Read More

Enough time

I’m running out of time may I ask for just one minute of peace just for my mind I need my quiet time to think, complete a thought my thoughts reveal only this and nothing more  

Young Woman Lost

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Young Woman Lost You sit and stare Not even aware Life’s passing you by Not even a glare The same old thing You can’t seem to swing Not even a Ring Can make you sing Copyright 2014- Michelle Molloy Wall photo by: Wall photo edited by:  Michelle Molloy

Take your time …. Slow, slower and stopped!!

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~~September 30, 2014~ We always need one …. even if only for decoration! (Specially for those of us who don’t cook!) We ALL are ONE!! 

The Daily Grind

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The Daily Grind Makes your head twine Stop & Be Discover clarity ~ It’s calmness you seek But feels out of  reach Life’s kooky you see Kooky as can Be ~ Relax, they say  Til come what may I animate my life For tomorrow’s another day ~ Relax my mind From the Daily Grind Copyright 2014 – Michelle Molloy Wall photo by: Wall photo edited by:  Michelle Molloy