Surprise Wildflowers in my field


Surprise Wildflowers this morning. Queen Anne Lace my favorite. The field is already baled so this must have shot up overnight. What a lovely surprise. I was missing my wildflowers. I didn’t get to enjoy them this year because of my back injury. I love second chances to shine and smile! I’m smiling! ❤

wildflower songs…they sang to me


wildflower songs…
they sang to me

we know we’re not as pretty
as the roses in the front
we sing off key, so perfectly
come listen if you want
for we whisper I love you
it is carried on the wind
we sing your name Micki
over and over again
though we need no attention
like all the other flowers
we sing your name and whisper
we aren’t like other flowers
it’s okay to be different Micki
we’re like you

wildflower songs….
they sang to me the wildflower song

I’m so thankful for my wildflowers