Can you feel me?

Can you feel me? Can you see me still Grown up after pruning Down to nothing I came back to Show you that You can too. Can you feel me? Yes I can…thank you MichelleMarie I just saw this growing up, bloomed sometime between last night and today, just in time to shine on my golden hour. I felt like it was saying, “We came back…you can too.” I love it when that happens.

Beautiful dawn

Beautiful dawn outside my back door. Have a beautiful day 🧡


I’ve had this song running through my head all day…. I hope I can always be found in kindness and humble no matter if you might have received my actions as less than humble and kind. My heart was always for you and always is. No matter what. I miss you when I think of you. ❤ I pray for you and think of you always! xoxo

I really believe

I really believe we are all a culmination of our shared experiences and shared stories. It’s how we choose to tell that story and with whom we join hands with that makes this life journey so amazing. Thank you 🙏🏼

So Mars is to the left and Venus to the far right…

So Mars is to the left and Venus to the far right and the in between planets I just wanted to say I’m not really impressed with them I like the bright ones that capture my attention When I’m star gazing Mars on the left and Venus on the right the middle one well it’s up to you to figure all that out…but what I want to ask you? Is are you stopping enough to even notice? Mick/Micki/MichelleMarie Just me and the dog and this tripod/camera

By the light of the 1/2 moon

I really wanted you to see the 1/2 moon tonight I could see Venus & Mars and so it goes I realized I might be the only one who cares I’m totally okay with that…just wanted you to see the moon craters. Mick/Micki/MichelleMarie

Oleander love

Oleander Love…. in a world of green born a little soon raised on too much moon learned to get by on “Leave me alone” In a world of green no ones ever seen how… oh it holds you oh it holds you oh…. and oh I love that about you I see this about you Be the restless one come on and I’ll be restless with you… I love you sister Micki   P.S. I’ve had these photos of you on my desk top till I had the perfect words for you…. Read More

Before the rain

Before the rain…I wanted to be here before it all started and rain washed away your blues. And I was MM

she had Daisy fever

she had Daisy fever it was clear to see there was no cure You think she’d be scared…but she wasn’t she said what a way to go she picked daisies and danced with fireflies I think sometimes I still see her