Won’t you dream with me? Come on take my hand

Sing, Dance, Shine, Bling, See, Hope, Dream, Laugh, Love, Believe for YOU sweet friends I do this

Purple, Lilac, oh Lavender too~Art by MichelleMarie

My Beloved Yellow you make me smile~Art by MichelleMarie

My heart is many hues of Blue~Art by MichelleMarie

I love you in BLUE

Emerald green for Kentucky Angel friend

Art by MichelleMarie
Art by MichelleMarie

You can color me blue
You can color me red
You can color me orange

You can color me pink
You can color me purple
You can color me green
please don’t color me gone

emerald green Kentucky Angel Friend

Art by MichelleMarie
Art by MichelleMarie

Our hearts break
and hands wait
To make us grow fonder
Then our eyes cry and souls sigh
So that we know that it hurts
more emerald green for You sweet friend


She sounds like a Magpie?
Does She sounds like a Magpie?

One of my Favorite bird a Magpie