It was uphill all the way

I was thinking about my Pa ♥ and how he always said I walked to school and it was up hill both ways. We can’t miss this sweet journey, even when it’s tough. I’m thankful for those that show up on this road. ♥ My fellow travelers ♥ I cannot miss the end, we never end we just keep going? ♥ Happy 2019

You live in your prison…with your butterfly soul

You live in your prison with your butterfly soul I pray for your rock-a-bye body that suffer so and your sweet sweet soul Maybe your will find your way I pray I never let go of your butterfly soul Find your way back to you

No Yellow brick roads to set me free

Never no yellow bricks roads that set me free I didn’t know that till I looked out at the yellow sunset Asked God to show me something real Wasn’t no yellow brick road, Kinda dark and uncertain I saw them for who they really were Maybe a little yellow, but not the road to freedom for me I heard someone say…he’s yellow…no, not me I love yellow, I drove a yellow mustang, but I’m never yellow I’m free being me, waiting for the next way, doesn’t look like a cross Doesn’t look… Read More

Dec. 22, 2018 Full Moon as I see it

As an artist and photographer I always feel to prove the fact that I can do real moon shots, but then I opened my back door and all I wanted to see was what I see. Many things filled my heart and mind and most forefront was…Do those I love and miss most, know I miss them?…And I hope when they see this moon tonight and they think of me and my love for them. Then this ethereal moon and how it glares in my camera lens, almost made me stop but… Read More

My Christmas Art for You

Sweet friends I’ve been sharing here for 5+ years and I’m so very thankful for your friendship. Thank you for being here. I hope you don’t mind me revising some art I’ve created, it helps to to remember there was a time I shared with abandon. Amen and thank you for being here.

AND so…like now

AND SO. . . I am here with you This moment…I don’t want to take a selfie… and maybe we create something from this I trust this place where we Find ourselves Like now… I’m trying to be true And give myself to this moment I never know where this space will lead Why you seem to trust when I let go… you hope for it I always trust in this, a space in where we just Become ourselves and I hope you feel it too AND SO. . . and thus… Read More

Winter Dreams & Memories

Winter Dreams & Memories Kiss my mind like new fallen snow Sometimes… We could go back there again MichelleMarie

Good morning coffee

Good morning from Micki’s coffee shop. 😂 My famous Mocha latte with extra whipped because I can. Join me? 😂

29° a frosty sunrise

I noticed some frost on the outside table, what lovely snowflake shapes. If it wasn’t so cold, I would have taken more photos.