Like falling…snow

Feels like falling snow
And trees you can’t see
Invisible hearts that hang
I just can’t explain
How it feels when I know
You’ve been here
It feels like new fallen
snow…in my soul

Happy 2018

Hello sweet friends and Happy 2018! Thank you for being here and for your continued support. I appreciate you! Blessings to you and your loved ones.

Playing around today with some art.

Have I loved…

Have I loved…enough?
Have I sought…enough?
Have I surrendered…enough?
Have I loved…enough?

I pray I have…

Soft Friday sunrise

Happy Friday. I love how the sky was clear except for a few clouds giving the sun a hug good morning. Good morning sweet friends. 🧡

Where Christmas Hides…

I’m quiet certain this is where Christmas Hides
When it wants to be found by seeking eyes
I’m quiet sure you see, sometimes I am blind
To the light that is around me
All it takes is one to say…”Oh look this is…”
Where Christmas Hides

I laugh to myself

“Oh ya there it is!”