Love gives you eyes that cannot see…

Love gives you eyes that cannot see Love gives you words that cannot speak I’ve been waiting all this time I know you’re still waiting N O W while you watch my world spinning round We have to wait around to see… See See See I feel that’s how love is We wait round to see As the world keeps spinning round… Love give you eyes that cannot see…   Inspired by the song :Waiting Around: by Aisha Badru. I had to go back and look for it. I love to listen… Read More

Sleepwalking…I’ve been waiting…

I’ve been waiting so long I’ve been sinking deeper in love Won’t you whisper come and find me We all want to be found Where we can be found It’s not like I’m hiding Sleeping-walking is how my heart speaks Wake me up…

Then the truth came crashing through…

Then the truth came crashing through… I had to be willing to lose you, to find you I closed my eyes…let go When I opened There you were in front of me Then the truth came crashing through… I had to be willing to lose you, to find you The truth is like that

Beautiful Sea of Blue

Beautiful Sea of Blue I cast my worries out to thee May we feel held as your waves Lull us in this cocoon of love That reminds us who we are Why we came here Why we stay Beautiful Sea of Blue

Hush your mind…come rest your head

Hush your mind…Come rest your head She tells herself another story Another tale that helps her make it through I’m tempted to say this isn’t so but… She must tell herself a fairytale to make it through Someone must listen…so I prepare my heart One more tale, one more lie, whispers to her soul I pray she can hear me over the sound of the melody Hush your mind…Come rest your head

Good morning beautiful

Have a Good morning beautiful day ❧ ♡ From my backyard ❧ ♡ ❧ ♡ ❧ ♡

Porch sitting

I could be anywhere as long as I’m with you. Angel wanted to sit on the bench with me. I love this dog. She’s 14 and slowing down, I’m honoring this time in her life. We are stopped and smelling everything 😂

Sweet dark-haired man loves Fall

Sweet dark-haired man loves Fall And  Me…I was thinking how sweet it would be If it was always Fall Pretty sweet