You know life has no sense without you

You know life has no sense without you Do you believe me ? Yes I believe you! I do…MichelleMarie

May we never forget…but remember this

  We Pray our Way in the waiting, there is peace in the making of this wonderful beautiful grace of May! ღ      

Showers of April still we remember it’s chill

  So we grow and flow through this love that promises nothing but takes all of your heart! Only This Love! ღ        

Floating through February

These are some of the art highlights I created just for you from my heart! ღ I wanted to remind you just how very much I love being here! ღ    

Let me take you away

Let me take you away to a magical place!

You burst into my life like a brilliant star

Happy New Year You burst into my life like a brilliant star that brings fairy dust, rainbows, big dreams and endless possibilities!!!

sit with me

sit with me…with anticipation of the Newest Year…

Winter Dreams frozen in time…for Bling

Winter Dreams frozen in time I’ve heard her say a thousand times How he scooped her up and off they ran Never looking back again I’m tender to this knightly man though I’ve met him I think I have through her eyes in her heart he lives Her wisdom daily she freely gives So much strength to carry on Like she does I think She’s brave, and wise She is my friend So when memories frozen come back again I’ll listen…shhhh

So much to see

   So much to see so I waited and saw! 💛