Yesterday Song – Remembrance

After my Pa passed away, I buried myself in his writing, and listening to songs I knew were his favorite. My mom said I/we [my brother and sister] were trying to find some semblance of ourselves in his words and beloved song lyrics. I found this little gem a dear friend sent me, they said this was my Pa’s song but a different rendition. I’ve come to know that we leave little heart glimmers of ourselves for our beloveds to find when the visual reference is no longer present, so we dig deeper for the sweetness. I really love that. 🙏🏼💕💗

My brother Danny’s NWA Guitar EXPO in Rogers, Arkansas

NWA Guitar EXPO in Rogers, Arkansas from 9am to 5pm.
3450 W. Pleasant Grove Rd. Be there!! Get in free if you bring any musical instrument to buy-sell-trade or just show off. $5 entry if you just bring yourself. Rent a table for $75 to display your gear if needed(We have only 2 spaces left) Load in tonight at 8:30 if needed, or you can show up early Saturday Morning to load in.

Let us know ASAP on the 2 spaces left!

If you are in the market for guitars or anything musical go visit my brother in NWA. He’s amazing.