A little bit of Ombre in her soul


She had a little bit of Ombre in her soul
Colorful as she is…still an abiding sadness
Why am I so sad she asked me
I have no answer but I know she does
I feel invisible I shared
I feel invisible too
Maybe in the trying for visibility
We miss the ones who see us clearly
Momma I see you
Baby girl I see you too
Oh she said I think I’ll rest now
She had a little bit of Ombre in her soul


Precious heart songs friend spaces




Laurie just opened the door for me to fly and we did. This precious page from her book, Heart Space Book, Quiet Reflections; From the Stillness Within the Heart, has been a huge part of the heart healing for me~which stuck!

WooHoo, I no longer repeat the same ole’ same ole’, only I can’t say how it happened only that it did and continues to daily!

Tonight I needed some color therapy and I read this quote about being original and authentic and I can’t think of a better way then to share from my heart.  I got out my colors and my sharpie just for you!

Heal ON! We love Hearts! ❤