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Yes this!!! I’ll be here today Inspiration from my Uncle

Right here is where I will be today with you if you feel to join me! Thank you BFFUG!

Let’s make tracks in the snow Inspiration from my Uncle

Wisconsin is a winter wonderland according to this! 🌀❄️❄️

Let’s escape here Inspiration from my Uncle

I love it when my Uncle Gunn says Micki let’s get lost and then he sends these blissful images that calm my soul! Thank you my sweet UG. I call him BFFUG he calls me BFFMM! Awe I love that! 

Let’s get lost here  Inspiration from me Uncle

I get lost here. I thought you might get lost with me too! Let’s forget about all the worries of today. Let them worry for themself. 💕💟 Let’s imagine we are floating in a tiny boat under this sky. 

Inspiration from my Uncle

Snow in Wisconsin from my sweet Uncle Gunn! He inspires me and floods my heart and soul with his photos that calm the worry inside! I love him to pieces! 💜

New Years Wisconsin Sunset~Inspiration from my Uncle

NewYearsEveWisconsinSunset copy

I love it when someone sees a sunset or sunrise and thinks of me. I love them so much!
My precious Uncle Gunnz rocked it with this one!

Happy 2015 from Uncle Guns N Roses~Inspiration from my Uncle


Have a Rockin’ New Year


Always Rockin’ in my book! I love my Uncle Gunnz


Cross My Heart~Inspiration from my Uncle


I cross my heart and I really must say,
that I really would never ever have it any other way.
For you see it’s an eternal creed to me,
to cross my heart and really mean it to be.

I cross my heart and I pass it on to you,
in great faith and hope that you will learn it to.
To mean what you say, and say what you mean,
and never ever stretched the truth to the slightest extreme.

So cross your heart and say it to me,
that you will be true to yourself through eternity.
You will do what you say, and you will say what you mean.
That your promises you will always keep,
your will to God until He gives you eternal sleep.

So to cross your heart is a meaningful creed,
now that you have learned its sacred deed.
And if this promise ever comes around to you,
fear not to cross your heart and see it through.

Gunnar Timothy

FULL TIME VERSION OF MYSELF~Inspiration from my Uncle

fulltimeversionofmyself (1 of 1)


I long to be a full-time version of myself,
I don’t want to pretend to be anyone else.
For finding who I am and being true to me,
means everything in the world to forever and infinity.

No longer will I take on someone else’s principles as mine,
I will learn by example, truth, faith, and love in what I find.
Crawling out of my old cocoon I will become a new butterfly,
one that soars high and mighty in truth, and will never ever lie.

All anew in principles, hope, and honesty that flies above,
I will grasp that new reflection in the mirror of myself, the Me that I love.
No longer will I while the anchors of the past that will bring me down,
as I am here in the NOW loving this minute and the next as to day comes around.

So whether at work, play, or out in the world, I am here to say,
I will not falter, be tempted to be someone else in any other way.
For I make this permanent declaration to me in my new world needing no help,
this time and forever I long to be a “full-time version of myself.”


Gunnar Timothy

Take Hold of Every Moment~Inspirations from my Uncle

photo by Gunnar Timothy

photo by Gunnar Timothy


Why save something for a special occasion?
Every day IN YOUR LIFE is a special occasion!!! Use your crystal glasses every day.
I’ll wear new clothes to the supermarket, with my BEST cologne!!
So celebrate the day of TODAY!! Why wait for things to be perfect?
There is no such thing, in life there just IS, so accept them as they ARE
and make it your best day.
Search to your inner strength, grab a hold of it, and bring it to this new day that we call
“every day for the rest of your life.”
Together let’s “take a hold of every moment,” and soon we will see, the very best of of life for you and me.
Gunnar Timothy

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