Cross My Heart~Inspiration from my Uncle


I cross my heart and I really must say,
that I really would never ever have it any other way.
For you see it’s an eternal creed to me,
to cross my heart and really mean it to be.

I cross my heart and I pass it on to you,
in great faith and hope that you will learn it to.
To mean what you say, and say what you mean,
and never ever stretched the truth to the slightest extreme.

So cross your heart and say it to me,
that you will be true to yourself through eternity.
You will do what you say, and you will say what you mean.
That your promises you will always keep,
your will to God until He gives you eternal sleep.

So to cross your heart is a meaningful creed,
now that you have learned its sacred deed.
And if this promise ever comes around to you,
fear not to cross your heart and see it through.

Gunnar Timothy