Caught between

I’m kinda caught between The moon, midnight and words that never come out I never feel it’s words I need to say But the feeling we get when we be just us, we, me and then I think I’m kinda caught between what I really should not say…always  

Ya baby it’s Friday

I don’t know about you but don’t the weeks seem longer? I’ve been working during this Covid pandemic in the medical field without a day off. I’m exhausted and so happy it’s Friday. ☀️🌞💛🧡

Happy Birthday Paul

Smile ☀️

Smile friends and be happy for the sunshine ☀️ There are so many blessings around us! ☀️🧡💛

Happy National Women’s Day

Sunny Sunflower Love

Happy Sunny ☀️ Weekend to you! 🌻

Happy Friday

✨🌟Happy Friday ✨🌟

Good morning Good night