Meet me here–Under this big Oklahoma sky!

Meet me here–Under this big Oklahoma sky!

Flowers on my pillow

Flowers on my pillow

Autumn memories hold you

Autumn memories hold you Autumn dreams unfold you Autumn days I miss you Autumn mémoires hold you Autumn I am still 

Sweet Surprises

Sweet Surprises as Autumn blows in!


j’taime my love j’taime

Magnificent clouds during the storm

Wonderful cloud show during the storm this morning. I waited for the sunrise! This is perfectly fine with me.

Until There Is Nothing Else

Originally posted on Laurie's Notes:
Cover me in words of the heart, the untainted — the inexplicable. Whisper all that is most true. Remind me again and again. Tuck your love subtly into my heart until there is nothing else. Amen


Waiting is not always waiting when you feel like 26 years is enough waiting! I realize the sun scomes up the next day after it set on my dreams. Doesn’t mean the dream won’t come true it means to me…. More waiting is needed. Life for me is a series of sunrises and sunsets…. Waiting! I’ve waited so long that I’ve almost forgotten what it was I’ve been waiting for. Oh yes I remember now! I’m smiling anticipating its arrival! Soon? Maybe sooner! Maybe today. Waiting has become my friend.

Color Me Orange

Photo by MichelleMarie Color me Orange like the Fall leaves against the blue Color me Orange as I think thoughts of You Color me Orange in the new morning sun Color me Orange as the day is done Color me Orange or just any hue Color me Orange with just a hint of Red im ready for Fall 😍