July Crescent moon shine down on my friends

I want you to know how totally awesome it is to know you

Too much birthday for BB

She’s been fighting it since Thursday but BB has lost her voice and she’s a sicky pooh! I finally convinced her to go to the dr!

This looks like a lovely place to rest my thoughts

Art by MichelleMarie This looks like a lovely place to rest my thoughts No negative thoughts allowed!

Getting Unbent~Wisdom from my Uncle Gunn

GETTING UNBENT People can be up tight and easily take offense at so many things that ” are about them.” Think about it. Developing your own negative energy on YOURSELF, in a self-destructive way. That is like having a war with yourself! We can take away most possibilities to stay in peace, put our egos at rest, get with God, and just “Let It Be” Give yourself the opportunity not to self destruct TODAY!! Transcend your ego,let it go, let it be, give up judging, and just try “living” for a change…. Read More

When You Love

When you love Sometimes it makes you crazy But I would rather risk and love Then keep my crazy to myselfđź’— Spread the Loveđź’—

Purple Rose for Belinda

I’ve been so busy this weekend I didn’t get to say hi much! I appreciate you Belinda thank you for being my friend! Iđź’—U

I have always loved these

Part of me wanted you to be sorry

Part of me wanted you to be sorry, I thought I would be happy when you were. But I’m not it’s hard to watch you suffer! MichelleMarie