This is my gray mare, my Pa said I should call her Blue and I thought Sashay, because when I get on her back she swishes her tail from side to side and we Sashay. My Pa said I should fix her up and make her look pretty. I think he meant a good bath and a brushing, but I thought she needed more to bring out her kind eyes! 💕

9 thoughts on “Sashay 

      1. It got off to a mixed start, my son was off out with friends so didn’t call over to see me. I miss him, but would rather he came over when he has nothing else to do rather than feeling obligated to come over every week, or even every other week. Still I’m having fun being here with just my other half. That’s the battle won right there, isn’t it?


      2. I know how that feels to miss your kids. I miss mine too! I think all the stages of parenting are filled with so much heart business! I think the battle is best met with surrendering to that moment or feeling of missing! It’s okay I think! Thank you Dave for you kind comments! 😀


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