Papa will I perish?


Papa will I perish?
because if feels like it and I can’t bare the fire…

“Micki let me tell you something,
I can sure tell you

what NOT to do!
Yes the fire will burn you, Yes it will hurt,
Yes there will be days you think you can’t take it
But don’t run, or jump because soon relief will come
See Micki life [that fire], it burns the fake right out of you
It refines you like the finest gold
if you stay and surrender to your greatest fear
it is in that surrender…my blue eyed Micki…you will feel the closest to God. “

Good I remember when you burned Papa I remember it so well. 
I sure miss you! 

18 thoughts on “Papa will I perish?

      1. OH A she’s in a lot of pain! I use when one you love suffers and there’s nothing you can do then you just pour out of your heart! That’s why I’m here tonight! It takes so much for her to just get to work and then back home and geez, my mom said she posted on FB that next year she wants to have baby! So I’m not even going there right now but that just came to my mind while I’m typing just I’m ready for her to be well and happy! She’s happy but this blindness even her doctor the one she works for is beside himself. It’s enough to makes you a little crazy if I didn’t have faith in God I would feel lost now 😛 thank you for asking about her! I can’t help but spill! It’s too much to hold alone so thank you for your friendship! ❤

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      2. I love that A. That is a lot of options for me. I’m on all of these except lately I tend to stick here. My email is mostly overrun with Christmas stuff! 😛 I’m off next week so we can catch up! You haven’t told me about your kids in a while! 😀 ❤

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  1. Hi Michelle… My apologies for so many ‘likes’ today, but I have had a wonderful time lingering on your site catching up with your beautiful words and artistry…
    Thank you for being here…


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