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Before the rain

Before the rain…I wanted to be here before it all started and rain washed away your blues. And I was MM

The places, where I go…

The places where I go…

A different kind of sunset 

A different kind of sunset caught my eye. 



Golden grace

I had to stop and capture this golden grace. As I sat here I realized you are often the reason I stop what I am doing and be silent…just to take on the moment and smile. These moments… Read More

Oklahoma Winter Sunset

Oklahoma winter sunsets are always my favorite. The sky lights up with so many beautiful colors! 💜

Oklahoma Red Sunset

I never grow tired of these! 🙂

Sunday Oklahoma Sunset

Quiet day–Quiet skies–Quiet mind 💛

Oklahoma Autumn sunset

Oklahoma Autumn Sunset

Oklahoma red sunset

Oklahoma Red Sunset

The way I see It

The way I see It

Meet me here–Under this big Oklahoma sky!

Meet me here–Under this big Oklahoma sky!