Tell Me About It MichelleMarie


The Mockingbird is back…today he jumped right down in front of me so I went looking for him with my camera in the rose bush. I didn’t get a good photo of him but look what showed up… Read More

Carousel moments…

Ladybug Carousel…this is what I saw

Chamomile Moments to me…

Chamomile Moments to me… I’m a tea person Chamomile to me… magical the way I see. MichelleMarie

This caught my eye

This caught my eye

Morning Dew

Morning Dew caught my eye not only this new sweet wildflower in my field…how small the leaves are and each kissed by the morning dew. Makes me think what a wonderful world

Capture me

I noticed you from the doorway you seemed to say….capture me. So I did.

They’re back…my wildflowers

I was sitting on the back porch and I noticed little tiny red dots in the field…when I got closer I was pleasantly surprised by my wildflowers. I’ve missed them so much. Indian paintbrushes. Happy Sunday ❤️

Wildflowers of brown and green

I remember my wildflowers that bloom in the Spring Now memories where Wildflowers of brown and green wait and time races on in my waiting field of Wildflowers of brown and green

Wildflowers sunning

I love watching my wildflowers I wanted to share them 💛

Maybe some wildflowers

Wildflowers and Me

My Wildflowers, The Moon and Me

I wish you could see this… My Wildflowers, The moon and Me

Шїʟ∂ḟℓ◎ẘ℮ґ Шεεкℯᾔ∂

Шїʟ∂ḟℓ◎ẘ℮ґ Шεεкℯᾔ∂