This was taken two weeks before he passed. I wish I had known then it would be the last photo I took of him. I would have taken more.
This was taken two weeks before he passed. I wish I had known then it would be the last photo I took of him. I would have taken more.
Every person we are in close relationship with makes deposits into our lives and we make deposits into their’s. Our parents deposited into our lives, friends deposit into our lives, loved one makes lasting deposits.
I ask you, “Are those good deposits, bad deposits or are they just meaningless deposits?”
I don’t want to waste my time with meaningless deposits. What kind of deposits are you making?
Parents know this, they don’t want other children making bad deposits into their child’s life.
We are known by the company we keep. 

Regardless of rather you think it matters or not it does. We respond sometimes out of other’s belief systems, or lack there of, and we don’t realize how we come across.

I realized this when dealing with my Pa’s Alzheimer’s and then his recent death. I saw that my old behavior patterns had followed me through life and when he first showed signs of forgetting and acting strangely I blew it off as his ways of being uncaring.
One day I walked into his room and he said to me, “Oh you look just like my daughter Micki.” I said to him, “Pa it’s me Micki I am your daughter.” He said, “I know I have a daughter named Micki she looks just like you.” Quickly I said to my brother, “Pa is forgetting and we will have to make sure he does this and that.” I was so used to taking care of sick people I guess I didn’t realize how I was responding to him. He said, “Why don’t you ever say I am doing better, your brother always tells me I am doing better, I am going to get out of here, why do you do that?” He was right. I thought about that today and how it changed the way I respond to loved ones and those I care about and I purposed in my heart to believe the best in everyone and look for the good. I thought I was that way and then I realized I am with everyone else except those I am in close relationship with. Because of old hurts, some of them perceived, some legitimate I had my way of responding. Believing the best in people is hard sometimes.
I want to change the deposits I make into those lives I touch. I want them to be MEANINGFUL.
I want to believe the best, even if I’m hurt.
My Pa still continues to teach me daily. April 7 of this year will be three years since he passed. Not a day goes by I don’t think of him.
I pray for that I always believe the best in those I love.
Today will be a great day. I may not get the best out of some but this I know for sure they got the best deposit from me that is possible….tomorrow is another day!

19 thoughts on “Deposits

  1. Reblogged this on thinkingpinkx2 and commented:
    Me & my Pa if I had known this was the last photo I had taken of him I would have taken more. He continues to teach me everyday although he moved to heaven 3years ago. He survived 3 strokes, bypass, Alzheimer’s, cancer and eventually the 4th stroke took him home where I know he fishes daily! If I close my eyes I can see him casting out into the deep! ❤ OH This is about Deposits, the Deposits we leave with others and those they leave with us.


    1. You’re welcome. Although sometimes i only have the chance to look and sometimes only look in my emails. You have my email if you ever need to talk


      1. I remember doing a duet poem with someone a while ago, and when I saw the whole thing, I didn’t know whose was whose as I didn’t recognise any of it


      2. I have removed all photos of me, and there aren’t any on my hard drive again. One bonus of the crash I suppose.


      3. Just looked it up on IMDB. You’re TV series, Mom, isn’t over here. It may turn up eventually, but they tend not to show American sitcoms over here any more.


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