Blog Header art

Over the years I’ve always designed my own header art, even though WP provides themes I never use their art I like to create my own. Yesterday I changed my design to this…

This art came from the art I designed for the Still Small Voice Post. I think that says it all for me.

I created several candidates. I usually go with what I’m feeling and design art from that place.

Over the years I’ve changed my header art a lot mostly it reflects how I feel.  I thought you might like to see some of my other designs for WP header art.

I hope you enjoy my art and designs. I’ve recently decided to take a new job that will be less creative and more managerial, which I’m so happy and thankful for but I know I will miss my creative space. So you’ll probably see more art from me here, as I always need an outlet for my mind to rest and play. Have a blessed day and thank you for being here! 💜




Elsie and the babies

Raising babies isn’t easy down the pond. Just yesterday a fisherman caught Dax on the head and I had to rescue him from a kid trying to catch him.

This is Jed and April they stick pretty close to me. Dax, my oh my  is no where to be found. He’s probably off chasing bugs again.

My boy Dax. He always makes me laugh because he acts so innocent…but there’s mischief in that boy’s mind, I can see it in his eyes he’s planning his next escape.

It’s almost dinner time when I shout they all come running! Except for Dax, he’s the one in the back. I’m sure he’ll have a good tale to tell. You never know about life down at the pond! Tell Me About It! Quack