20 thoughts on “Have I loved…

  1. How do we know what is enough? But when it comes to love, we can never have loved too much. Although I suppose when it comes to unrequited love, then we can love too much.

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    1. That’s true A. I don’t know how to know when it’s enough. I think at some point all we do has to be I think! Especially when you run out of things to do or say! 🙂 Hope you and your family had a beautiful Christmas! ❤ Happy 2018 to you A.

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      1. Christmas was great and the kids got me something for my streaming. My sister had a photo of me and her from when I was 4 put into a frame. It was magnificent.

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      2. It was. The photo is black and white, but I remember the colour of the short and tie I was wearing. They were light brown with purple trousers.


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