About~thinkingpinkX2 and Pink Therapy

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I wanted to share why Jeanne Marie wanted to start a Thinking Pink blog and what it means. The link above is our about page. It’s not all about the color pink but a mindset of living in the light and always searching for the light inside our hearts. ♡



Still Small Voice — Off Center & Not Even


Today’s video is orignal music I wrote using a prayer by fellow blogger Michelle Marie for the lyrics. On December 7, 2018, Michelle Marie posted Still… Small… Voice on Tell Me About It at https://tellmeaboutit.co/2018/12/07/still-small-voice/, and I had a feeling there was an issue with her daughter, Alex, who has serious health problems. I commented that her […]

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Such an honor from my friend Tim over at Off Center & Not Even. Please visit his blog.