Rainbow bridge and bunnies like Mona

Hey Paul I was thinking about you and Mona and how much you love dancing and all that we experience in our lives. Don’t we just want another dance? I feel like that. I hope you know I’m here.

I truly believe this Paul with all my heart Mona is waiting for you. It’s such a beautiful thought to think that those we love will be waiting when we cross that bridge in life to spirit. I feel her now and always will she lives on through you and that’s a beautiful feeling Paul. I hope you hear my heart. ❤


7 thoughts on “Rainbow bridge and bunnies like Mona

      1. Thank you Tim I woke up hoping I didn’t do too much. I want to do more but it’s hard when we are limited to posting and sharing. I think letting those we care for know we feel their pain is so wonderful. That’s what I love about blogging I’ve met some wonderful like you! So thankful for you and the kindness you have shown me. Have a wonderful Saturday ♡

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