I miss my friend Belinda

I’ve made some wonderful friends on WP one of my long time friends Belinda @busymindthinking

We used to meet here on the weekends and post, text and laugh together. I miss that. WP has changed it’s not the same for me anymore. Friends come and go but my heart never stops loving those who left! Never, I miss my friend! ~ღ~

28 thoughts on “I miss my friend Belinda

  1. Funny that I should drop into wp and here is your post saying how wp has changed. I agree and it is sad, I miss how it used to be too. And I, like you will always have loving thoughts for all my friends. ❤

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      1. I do like some of the changes though. But I obviously they’re all in an effort to be more competitive and get more people to use wp.com as a hosting provider for all types of blogs and sites. Which is Automattic’s long term goal. Money talks, right?


      2. Oh, to be honest, I haven’t noticed that the reader is now more generic looking! Wasn’t it always like this, not showing the blog designs, or am I blind? lol


      3. When I first started blogging a little thumbnail of the blog design with the profile. I think they are streamlining it. I always use the admin page and never use the reader except for lately to see the layout of posts. I always work around it! 🙂


  2. Hi!! Good friend … how had WP changed? It doesn’t allow meeting w Melinda?
    I noticed something w WP but thought it was only me. 😳
    Tight hugs! ❤️


    1. Oh yes it does. She’s just been gone from here since last year.
      I’m not sure what is different. I definitely don’t like the reader changes. And WP seems to want to control design and sharing with the generic white reader background. I try to not look at it lol big hugs tight back! ❤️🌼💛

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