I really believe

I really believe we are all a culmination of our shared experiences and shared stories. Itā€™s how we choose to tell that story and with whom we join hands with that makes this life journey so amazing. Thank you šŸ™šŸ¼


Oleander love

Oleander Love….

in a world of green
born a little soon
raised on too much moon
learned to get by on
ā€œLeave me aloneā€
In a world of green
no ones ever seen how…
oh it holds you oh it holds you
oh…. and oh
I love that about you
I see this about you
Be the restless one
come on and Iā€™ll be restless with you…
I love you sister


P.S. I’ve had these photos of you on my desk top till I had the perfect words for you. You are fire, and this love I can’t quite explain and I don’t feel I ever need to. I love you…thank you sister.Ā 



she had Daisy fever

she had Daisy fever
it was clear to see
there was no cure
You think she’d be
scared…but she
wasn’t she said
what a way to go
she picked daisies
and danced
with fireflies
I think sometimes
I still see her

Weā€™re In Need of A Social Kindness Movement-Maria Shriver

I start my day out in the morning reading one of these little entries from Maria Shriver’s new book. I wanted to share it with you. I believe we need more kindness and have always tried to share and show kindness.

I love that she starts her day like I do in meditation.

I was like her and used to see kindness and gentleness as weakness but as I’ve gotten older, I too, realize it’s one of my greatest strengths.

I love that she ends each entry with a prayers. It amazes me how much it is relevant to my life.

Just in case you want to get this book. I highly recommend it.

Have a gentle day filled with Kindness. įƒ¦

Below a piece of my Kindness art. I plan to keep sharing this type of art as always įƒ¦

Baby I want to join the invisible choir…



Baby I want to join the invisible choir
the one the sees you shining
Through the dark of YOUR night
And my memory keeps you dancing
when your feet are so tired
I want to live after I die
So a little it of beauty
shines down from above
And all those lessons I’m so fond of
are centered and grounded
in your heart
So you know REAL REAL LOVE
Baby I want to join that invisible choir
I’m singing a song for YOU


Not knowing where I’m going…

Not knowing where I’m going
It gets me because
I’m not afraid of fire
It’s the not knowing
Where I’m going
That gives me…

Whatcha doing?

Alex: Whatcha doing?

Me: Making a pie

Alex: What? You don’t make things? Haha.
You don’tĀ make desserts ever did you find it on Pinterest?
Can I eat it?Ā 

Me: No I made it in Illustrator

Alex: I thought you meant a real pie. šŸ˜€