Peace and war start within one’s own home


The part that got me about this one was the last part, “Peace and war start within one’s own home.” Instead of trying to save the world I thought maybe I ought to make peace at home. I would be lying if I said this was easy, it’s not. I think sometimes it’s hardest to show the kindness and love to those around us. So I shut up and took peace back to my home and inside my heart and it was and is my prayer that is shines out from me and covers those around me like honey! ~ღ~

Love each other…


Oh sometimes this one is very hard when you just want that loved one to get it! Kindness seems to reach parts of the heart hidden away and protected. Let my kindness reach that part~please! ~ღ~ Let me always be found resting in kindness! Amen

I love Mother Teresa’s little book “No Greater Love.” I learned these truths from there!

I hope you love this photos it’s one of my favorites of my Oklahoma sky. I wanted to gift you with beauty and something to think about today! 

We need to love…


This quote helped me a lot in a time when I needed Alex to be well. I spent a lot of time in silence waiting for her to wake up. Seems I’m still waiting in a different way now. I revisited this today and thought how beautiful words like this never stop giving back and stirring up my soul! I thought I would share it with you today in hopes that it may help you too! ~ღ~

please don’t count me out

Whether sickness, disease, aged-ness or just plain ole’ tired and worn out…please don’t count me out! Just like this rose though it might seem withered and finished, I believe that is when we see the true beauty and essence come forth. This rose will join all my other dried roses to me their beauty never fades! 💕