26 thoughts on “Lost in Love

    1. Oh hi. I was thinking about you and didn’t make it to your new blog so sorry. I’m not online as much trying to lay down more and rest. I’m praying for you too!💟❤️love to you


      1. Just went to the beginning, so I’ve seen what is going on. Thinking about you all the time anyway, now praying harder for you and Alex. And be sure you get the rest you need girl. That is what will heal you in the end. I’m not online much lately either, so when I am I try to get as much done as possible to make it count. You are today’s project, so don’t you feel special all of a sudden? You ARE special, so just kidding there. Love you girl.


      2. Yes I sure do! Thank you so much! I love that! I feel like I’m on a continuous treadmill of calamity and sickness. I’m ready to get off this one! ❤ love you to you my Angel friend! xoxo ❤


      3. I know you will hate this, but you do get close to being used to doing nothing but healing after a little while. Just knowing it will get better helps, and knowing you HAVE to endure to win the battle also helps, so hang in there. Coloring is getting me thru, and I have you to thank for that idea, so in case I haven’t already thanked you — thank you. I’m accumulating the world’s largest supply of gel pens with glitter as my favorites, watercolor pencils, and different inks and quills as I can find for the writing I had almost forgotten I could do. Which reminds me, have you tried the alcohol inks? I’ve used them for years and love the effect they give. One of my therapists gave me the most fantastic idea there — a back-splash for the kitchen sink area, using the alcohol inks, doodles and pens with clear plastic sealer for protection. I’ll have to do it in panels, but first will have to collect more ink, mainly because my supply is used up since my granddaughter discovered it also. She also discovered my calligraphy pens at the same time, hence the disappearance of both, but since she is the artist of the family I don’t mind. Oh, I’ve missed you so much, and really have to get back to my own nest NOW! My back is starting to hurt because I’ve been answering email. Love you.


      4. OH wow that is a wonderful idea. Funny you would say that I need a backsplash in my kitchen. I never installed one when I finished building and always needed one. What a great idea! I love that! That would really showcase some work. I’ve been drawing a little now that I’m laying down more. I’m actually sitting up today and not moving I’m enjoying laying down. It’s wonderful! ❤

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      5. I wish I could say that was my idea, but one of my OT’s mentioned it one day when she was talking about the alcohol inks. I had been working on a zentangle, and she was looking for ideas for her backsplash project. She had never heard of the alcohol inks but I was talking about them and the effect they can have when mixed and matched well. And I need more inks now that I think about it, so I can work on my own backsplash. Mine will have to feature roosters — really bright ones with impossible colors.
        So glad you are sitting up now, but be very careful that you don’t do anything that will re-injure that back.
        I can’t wake up this morning, but then I got up too early I guess. Think I’ll go take a short nap now. Love you Pink Angel Friend.


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