Lost in a world of words

Along the streams, the Stoney brook Took me to the other side Reality, yet a fantasy I hurry deep inside Your words they seem to capture They memorize me so They show me that my world It is little, just…  And so I get tired My head gets full I stop reading I think I have gathered enough words, to last me a lifetime… Peace   Disclaimer: This is not about anyone particular person, but more about the state of my mind that gets full of words. It’s hard for me to… Read More

Crazy Sue and Gypsy Daisy

Crazy Sue & Gypsy Daisy became good friends and sometimes maybe they sit & talk about nothing at all Said Crazy Sue to Gypsy Daisy, “Did you know there’s a Gypsy song?” Gypsy Daisy laughed and said “Ya, but why don’t you play it for me.” Crazy Sue closed her eyes tears did flow she sang of wrongs stars & even so they all tried to love her she would fight not once did she give a second thought to fools that didn’t hold her heart tight even so she cried… so… Read More

Happy Birthday to my sweet friend Paul

All day he dreams of clovers Fields of little flowers He roams the hills without a care Spreading sweetness where he goes Happy Birthday to my Bunnyman Friend Paul I hope you have a beautiful day! Thank you for being you.

Blog Header art

Over the years I’ve always designed my own header art, even though WP provides themes I never use their art I like to create my own. Yesterday I changed my design to this… This art came from the art I designed for the Still Small Voice Post. I think that says it all for me. I created several candidates. I usually go with what I’m feeling and design art from that place. Over the years I’ve changed my header art a lot mostly it reflects how I feel.  I thought you might… Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day to You


Yellow Sky…Yellow Lines

Maybe it was the Yellow Sky & Yellow Lines That caught my eye All I know…it was a foggy Winter’s day I saw them all a sudden Drifting, floating, they did flutter Landing on the Yellow lines Nothing seen for miles and miles but… This Yellow Sky…These Yellow Lines and my two Yellow leaf friends It must have been magic   art, designs by MichelleMarie

Happy New Week

Happy New Week~Sweet Friends~Thinking of You ✿

Abstract Art by MichelleMarie

I’ve been blogging on WP for over 5 years now and have created a lot of Abstract Art with messages of love, faith, hope, healing and grace. I plan to start sharing more here as I had the idea to shut down all my social media sights and focus here since this is where I have met so many lovely friends and I’m thankful for each of you! Thank you for being here Michelle ~ღ~

I pray for you & for me and

My prayer garden angel always catches my attention in all kinds of weather~ღ~