Whoops-A-Daisy Wednesday

Whoops-A-Daisy Wednesday…sometimes I just feel like Daisies all day!


Worry not

Worry not. Last night we changed our scenery. This is my Alex. I said oh look the sun is setting it probably will be a good one. Alex asked me how I knew and I told her I like to always wait and see. She asked me what to do I said we are doing it. She said I feel like going outside and when I looked up she did this. Awe my mom heart needs this moment! 💜

Midnight Butterfly

Dark is her sky sometimes
I watch her clatter around
In the castle with round walls
She makes not a sound
How I wish, oh I wish
For a little magic somewhere
Then flown through her window
A Midnight Butterfly
so rare
The moon it was blue
It glistened the sky
Midnight Butterfly kissed her
Right on the eye
From that day on she saw
Nothing but gladness
Rainbows and sunshine
Midnight Butterflies
are magical that way

Burlap in August

Burlap born the 1st of August
Fire so hot it felt, burned like hell
She said as she wiped her brow
Nothing good grows here in this heat
Burlap sacks burned like wildfires in the field
Scratched my skin till raw, but I liked it
Smelled of sage and straw
Sunflower and giant bees buzzed
She was born the first of August
Nothing good grows here in this heat
Except me I was born the first of August
Full of fire