Happy Monday

Good morning beautiful day, it’s 33° F. I’m enjoying an extra large Mocha Latte’.

It’s going to be a beautiful day I just know it. 🧡

Somehow we just got over the pain

Somehow we just got over the pain
there was never a “just” moment
we felt ever minute, second of this time
when we forgave and let go
However, my dogged tenacious
caused us to feel the full undertow
I just never thought it met a glorious victory
Still we  wallow in the undertow, I’ve lost many here
Never let go of me…I will never let go
I don’t know why I feel like I feel
I always let go to feel you never let go of me

My life is series of…here we go again moments

Hearts will never get Older
that they won’t break
They keep feeling…anyway
No matter what vow we take
We always seem to break
Hearts…and thus we are broken too!
I wonder if that is how this love goes?

70° today

Perfect day for a walk in the field out back. No matter how old she gets she still loves to smell for bunnies. She’ll Be 15 this year. ❤️

It was uphill all the way

I was thinking about my Pa ♥ and how he always said I walked to school and it was up hill both ways. We can’t miss this sweet journey, even when it’s tough.
I’m thankful for those that show up on this road. ♥ My fellow travelers ♥ I cannot miss the end, we never end we just keep going? ♥

Happy 2019

You live in your prison…with your butterfly soul

You live in your prison with your butterfly soul
I pray for your rock-a-bye body that suffer so
and your sweet sweet soul
Maybe your will find your way
I pray
I never let go of your butterfly soul
Find your way back to you