Over and over again

They play over and over again
Inside my head a sense of peace
A calming melodic tune
Songs come to me
Art comes and pieces fall
Together on this canvas
Transparent at first
Then it comes into view
And the songs
They play over and over again…

This is what was in my mind after I finished a huge project today. I still had more art to get out. I think I’m done for the day maybe!~;) 


baby don’t forget you love me

baby don’t forget you love me
he loves me so he loves me so

I bless you with the Love of God

I bless you with the
Love of God
which I would share
with you for that I would
learn the joyous lesson
that there is no love but
God’s and your’s and mine
and everyone’s
From A Course in Miracles
via Marianne Williamson

I found this prayer so helpful I wanted to share it with you.
Instead of trying to let things go I give them to God and it frees me up to do whatever it is I’m here to do. Amen