Serenity…is an island

Serenity is an island she visits often

I watch her and wonder where in that
beautiful mind is and if she finds some sliver of peace.

I would gladly lead her there if I knew the way. But I don’t we all have our own journey so I watch and wait till she needs me.

Peace be still my friend.


What happened…

What happened
to little red riding hoods dignity?
She thought she gave it away
and now she’s lost searching
for someone to give it back.
But truly dignity is something
that abides deeply in the soul.
You can’t give it away,
it’s just that tricky old wolf
that made you think so.
Throw off that cloak of shame,
red was never your color anyway.
You got this one girl.

There’s an angel…

There’s an angel in my prayer garden…she listens to my prayers and holds a reverent space for an outpouring of my heart…Amen💜🦋

Over and over again

They play over and over again
Inside my head a sense of peace
A calming melodic tune
Songs come to me
Art comes and pieces fall
Together on this canvas
Transparent at first
Then it comes into view
And the songs
They play over and over again…

This is what was in my mind after I finished a huge project today. I still had more art to get out. I think I’m done for the day maybe!~;)