Whoops-A-Daisy Wednesday

Whoops-A-Daisy Wednesday…sometimes I just feel like Daisies all day!


Midnight Butterfly

Dark is her sky sometimes
I watch her clatter around
In the castle with round walls
She makes not a sound
How I wish, oh I wish
For a little magic somewhere
Then flown through her window
A Midnight Butterfly
so rare
The moon it was blue
It glistened the sky
Midnight Butterfly kissed her
Right on the eye
From that day on she saw
Nothing but gladness
Rainbows and sunshine
Midnight Butterflies
are magical that way

Color me Green…please don’t color me gone

You can color me blue
You can color me red
You can color me orange

You can color me pink
You can color me purple
You can color me green
please don’t color me gone 

Sometimes it goes against…

It goes against
the grain of my soul
to go against the grain of my heart!
I have to sometimes
to survive
Still my
heart aches~