And when…

And when… the storm clouds moved away  and the sting of the barbed memories  began to fade Her heart, it sang a new sweet sweet song! MichelleMarie

Midnight Butterfly

Dark is her sky sometimes I watch her clatter around In the castle with round walls She makes not a sound How I wish, oh I wish For a little magic somewhere Then flown through her window A Midnight Butterfly  so rare The moon it was blue It glistened the sky Midnight Butterfly kissed her Right on the eye From that day on she saw Nothing but gladness Rainbows and sunshine Midnight Butterflies  are magical that way Oh how I wish…I miss her sometimes, no…Always 🦋

Because Kindness Matters it just does

Because Kindness Matters it just does. I will always choose kindness even when I feel offended, or someones words are hurtful. Just because you can say something mean doesn’t mean you should. Just because you can share an opinion that could be taken in the wrong way, don’t mean you ought to.  Sometimes I grow weary reading thoughts that are unkind. Nevertheless, I choose to share my art, photos and thoughts here. I focus on the goodness and kindness of others and believe the very best from everyone. Have a blessed day.~ღ~

Her heart needs a little hope

Tree, Tree, Tree, Tree, Tree I noticed as I looked at each tree surrounding this land, each was moving to the invisible wind. Then something came to me about your heart, you have deferred your hope to another human being, therefore you are heart sick. Some say; put your hope in God; some say put your hope in your high self; or put your hope in the Universe but, I think it’s much much bigger than this. It doesn’t have words and I wanted you to see and feel what saw. Out… Read More

Still looking for the light

Still looking for the light Even if it’s just a glimmer I see it because I’m looking for the light

Her Vintage Soul

Her Vintage Soul Flowing sweet roses & Old fashioned hats She remembers…gentle times Her Vintage Soul Smiles MichelleMarie

And I thought we just got over this…

And I thought we just got over this Something much deeper Somewhere we feel pain It’s not scary to me yet I’m seeing we aren’t quiet over this I’m not letting go but believing this Emotions are part of settling and letting go Pain is a deeper sense of letting go Whether it be in the body or soul We simply must fly… But taking off is never simple None of this is easy

Maybe we wait till…

Maybe we wait here till we find the right garden Abeille…sweet one Waiting to buzz 🙂  

In honor of my snow day…Winter art by MichelleMarie